Bee a workshop facilitator!

If you have a skill to perform or teach (it can be anything from computer skills to cooking) to enhance the skills of migrant women you are welcome to facilitate a workshop in our hive.

We for women is an inclusive hive where everyone can participate. Migrant women + anybody who supports migrant women such as service providers, NGO workers, volunteers, students, active citizens are more than welcome to our hive –regardless of their gender and background.

All workshop, training and events will be free and held online. Everyone can apply to hold a workshop on a voluntary basis. Our team will evaluate your idea and organize the rest.

Workshops, trainings and events will be scheduled on a monthly basis.

How the procedure works?

  1. If you have an idea email us at [email protected] – Tell us briefly about the workshop(s) you like to facilitate. Make sure you include your contact information.
  2. Our team will assess you idea according to the needs in the upcoming month and find a slot in the schedule.
  3. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Then, we will arrange a Zoom meeting to discuss the details.
  4. You will get online workshops support from us (online platform and Zoom tools) before and during your event.

Please feel free to share this brochure with your friends and colleagues: