who WE are…

A virtual hive supports migrant women

We for Women is a virtual “hive” where everybody in Ireland meet for enhanced integration of unemployed migrant women into the labor force by equipping them with legal information, improving their social and professional skills, encouraging them and strengthening their English language through free training and mentoring.

This hive brings the host community and migrant women together as equals. We welcome everyone in Ireland to contribute to this platform with their best of ability. You can be a language or professional skills mentor, an event facilitator, an interpreter or influencer in our hive.

How We for Women Works?

We for Women is a welcoming  and inclusive hive.

Migrant women + anybody who supports migrant women such as service providers, NGO workers, volunteers, students, active citizens are more than welcome to our hive –regardless of their gender and background.

All workshop, training and events will be free and held online. Everyone can apply to hold a workshop, our team will evaluate it and organize the rest.

Workshops, trainings and events will be scheduled on a monthly basis. The Monthly Workshop schedule will be announced each month on the website, Activelink website and our social media accounts. Registration will be made through Eventbrite.

We for Women evolves with the participants’ contribution. All ideas and support is more than welcome.

Who established We for Women?

We for Women is an initiative of MUDEM Refugee Support Centre.

MUDEM is an impartial and a not-for-profit association which principally aims to support meeting of the life-sustaining needs of the migrants, refugees, provide legal advice on access to social rights, make disbursements of aid for urgent needs.

MUDEM reaches thousands of asylum seekers and refugees for years, and aims to strengthen the empathy and dialogue between them and host communities to create a safe and positive environment. MUDEM provides services to refugees regardless of their language, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and political view. 

To learn more about MUDEM, please check our website: www.mudem.ie

Why we established We for Women?

Participating in the labour market is one of the most effective ways of integrating migrant women into society. Migrant women need support and guidance through their integration process. They must be informed of their rights and obligations in the host country, have access to training, be able to take full advantage of their skills and be recognised for the contribution they make. Training, mentoring and supporting enterpreneurship are important elements in labour market integration of migrant women.

“Mastering the host country’s language and accessing its labour market are two key steps of the integration process for all migrants. However, migrant women have significant roles to take on family and child care obligations which may hamper their access to the job market. Consequently, they have worse employment outcomes in comparison with migrant men and native-born women. This is because migrant women face challenges and barriers as both migrants and women; a double disadvantage.”

European Commission. To read more click here.

In order to support migrant women in Ireland, we came up with a user friendly, inclusive and sustainable online hive for migrant women to find employment, participate in adult education, improve their English language and professional skills.

On the other hand, our hive promotes active citizenship. We promote active participation of professionals from big to small companies, qualified local experts, newcomers, migrant women, and people who already live in Ireland.

What are Our Goals?

*Give migrant women a voice, provide opportunities of learning and equip them with employability skills.

*Offer sustainable mentoring and training opportunities for migrants’ integration.

* Enhance equality, social inclusion and anti-discrimination in Ireland.

*Conduct needs assessment around employment and integration needs of the participants.

*Promote active citizenship and volunteering among migrant and host communities.

What are our Social Media Channels?

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